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Usage of TableBrowser extension

I often get asked by clients how and where one can see the table data in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. While in AX2012 a user could view data via AOT table browser, in

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations there is no AOT or direct SQL access in the Prod instances. However, a user can use a table browser in D365FO via browser.

1. Open the browser and navigate to the selected environment - for example:

2. Add parameters at the end of the URL - please note that those parameters do not have to be in a order. The first parameter after the base URL needs to start with a "?". Also, subsequent parameters must have a prefix of “&”. See below an simple example:

?mi=SysTableBrowser &limitednav=true

&lng=<language> &tableName=<the table you want to see> &cmp=<your company id>

For example, see below the URL to see the VendTable for the USMF legal entity:

As you can see above, the Browser shows now the data in the list page format.

Please note, if you use Chrome as your default browser, you can install an extension called “Table Browser Caller for D365FO” - you can find it here.

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