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System directed picking to enforce social distancing?

In times where social distancing is part of everyday's life as it needs to be enforced to be safe not only in one's private life but also in one's work life, organization are looking for solutions to keep up efficient business processes while at the same time not risking employee's health. In that context, the CDC is recommending social distancing of at least 6 feet.

Guess what - Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations has a smart solution in that regard for warehousing operations?

Through zone and/or aisle specific picking in D365FO, the recommended health and safety regulations for distancing can be enforced and ensured. Zone picking will direct a warehouse worker's work contained in a specific warehouse area. It is thus not only promoting efficient order fulfilment and to some extent social distancing. What I mean with that is that if every warehouse worker still needs to grap their pick tickets at printer stations, the social distancing is not optimal enforced. An approach to get around that is system directed picking where the need of printing pick tickets is wiped out. System directed picking assigns work via predefined logic to a warehouse worker on the AWM device application. That said, via usage of system directed menu items a worker is guided through their work assignments in a specific location or aisle without the need of pick tickets.

The process flow is as follows: A user signs in into the AWM application for - work is automatically prompted at the device when leveraging the mobile device menu item set up for system directed picking. The predefined logic will push work IDs that are located in ascending location logic to the worker. This is handled and set up via system-directed sorting orders on the AWM menu item in backoffice. System directed picking can be configured in various ways e.g. by cluster profile ID, container ID, wave ID, create date, Order number, Shipment number - here we are focusing on by locationID. If a second user now signs in into the AWM application however he will be directed to the next location following ascending logic. You get the concept.

Let's get in the detail - How do we configure system directed picking?

  • Navigate to AWM/Mobile device menu item.

  • Create a Menu Item for sales order picking. The mode should be set to "Work" and the use existing work should be set to "Yes". Under directed by select "System directed".

  • Select "System directed work sequencing" on the Actionpane and add location under system-directed sorting orders.

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