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Multi threaded data imports

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

This article will address multi threaded data import. You can configure such under framework parameters/Entity settings which can be found on the Data import/export framework parameters form. Multi threaded data imports give you an option to improve performance when importing large number of records using the data management framework.

Configurations: 1. Entity execution parameters Under entity execution parameters, a user is able to divide the workload when performing data imports using the batch framework.

You can select the entity that you would like to multithread, set a threshold per entity and specify the import task count. The threshold specifies when the import task need to be split into multiple threads while the import task count specifies in how many tasks the import job should be separated in.

E.g. if we expect a large import file for the released products v2 entity we would for example set the threshold to 750 and the import task count to 10.

To be able to use the above configs, you need to run the import in batch option using the batch framework as the import now option will kick off only a single thread on the server.

When the batch job is kicked off and the job is running, a user can view and monitor the multiple tasks created under the view tasks form as well as under execution details.

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