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Intercompany Purchase order/Sales order for Fixed Assets

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Scenario: Intercompany sale of machine as inventory/purchase as fixed asset:

Fixed Asset Parameter setup:

Intercompany vendor for USMF in USRT and intercompany customer for USRT in USMF are created.

Disable change management for that specific intercompany vendor above – otherwise it will error for intercompany transaction.

Release product to both USRT and USMF and finalize released products setup per LE:

Creation/Confirmation of SO in USRT to USMF customer record:

PO in USMF for USRT vendors has been created automatically:

Packing slip update on SO side:

Adjust PO for fixed asset on line details:

Confirm and receive PO:

Once the receipt is posted, the fixed asset ID will be created. (It's auto-created here because we selected the parameter "create asset" during product receipt or invoice posting to "yes" above in the Fixed Asset parameters.

See Fixed asset that was automatically created and see fixed asset acquisition price under books:

Fixed Asset is not acquired yet however.

Invoice SO:

PO Invoice/3 way matching:

Create fixed asset acquisition journal to make fixed asset active as acquired:

Fixed asset is now in acquired status:

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