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How to start your Mixed Reality journey with Microsoft's business applications?

While Mixed Reality is a trend to watch out for in 2023 as explained in me previous blogs, often organizations don't have a tangible understanding how Mixed Reality works and how such can aid an organization's business processes, workforce and operations.

The first step in y opinion here is creating awareness - at the C-level plant the seed within your organization - give your managers and expert SMEs access to webinars, industry papers, whiteboarding sessions with Mixed Reality implementation partners and have an open discussion internally on hos such could improve efficiency, productivity, and business process operations.

As implementation expert, I created an offering to address exactly that need - creating awareness within your organization first via a 4 day concept training workshop ended by a app in a day session with selected client SMEs/managers of you organization where we build out on of your scenarios in D365 Guides/Remote Assist at a high level. Why? To get your workforce/SMEs/Managers a feel and understanding for what Mixed Reality actually is, how it works and to bridge exactly that gap. Your SMEs/Managers know your processes in and out but do not know about MR yet.

After that understanding is created at a high level we can have BTA discussions with those SMEs/managers and create a roadmap with budget that aligns to your organizations needs.

Plant the seed - water and grow the plant and harvest the fruits after.

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