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HoloLens 2 + Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: The case for strategic asset management

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

You may have already seen Microsoft’s futuristic all-in-one headset computer, HoloLens 2. The device is quickly capturing marketshare in multiple industries thanks to its innovation, adaptability, and usability potential across industries from manufacturing healthcare and in scenarios from supply chain to customer service.

In this webcast, I shared an up-close demonstration of HoloLens so you, too, can be convinced you need a set (or two, or ten) at your company. I will explore multiple ways HoloLens 2 can be deployed with Dynamics 365 apps to solve numerous business problems from topline performance to end user training. I will cover all the specs, integrations, adaptions, and top technical details of the entire system.

You will learn how HoloLens 2 enhances a user’s ability to:

  • Be fully engaged while heads-up and hands-free, comfortably.

  • Collaborate via hologram technology with any colleague globally.

  • Innovate and integrate seamlessly and endlessly with a robust ecosystem of applications.

I cover configurations, infrastructure and a live demo of D365SCM Asset management integrated via DualWrite with D365Guides.

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