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Exciting new features about to be released - Dynamics 365 FSCM (October)

So, what’s new in D365 functionally?

Let me highlight just a few of many new feature enhancements in D365 that are part of 2023 release wave 2 and are released already as of October or shortly.

Inventory visbility for commerce:

If you are a retailer you know that accurate inventory availability information & a holistic view of inventory data across channels is crucial for running an omnichannel business.Until now, retailers using both Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and Dynamics 365 Commerce have relied on asynchronous methods to update inventory changes between SCM backend and Commerce Channels. This problem has now been solved with Inventory Visibility for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management. Inventory visibility service now natively integrates with Dynamics 365 Commerce Scale Units (CSU) to offer channel-side inventory availability calculations near-real-time.

Scenarios such as query real-time inventory across channels, post soft inventory reservations when a customer order is created, update inventory reservations when an order is edited across channels etc etc are now supported near real time.

Additional DualWrite Scenarios

Also, lovely to see the support of additional Dualwrite scenarios. Generally supported in January 2024, companies that orchestrate the opportunity and quotation process in Dynamics 365 Sales with the quotation process in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management can now use prospects seamlessly. Short, prospects can to be synchronized between Dynamics 365 Sales and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management when using prospect-to-cash with dual-write.

Warehouse only mode:.

Warehouse only mode lets you take advantage of the core warehouse management functionality that Microsoft Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management offers while continuing to take advantage of your existing investments in third-party enterprise resource planning (ERP) used for e.g. order handling and financial processing. Short, you can spin up an advanced WMS system and benefit from advanced WMS features such as automation integration, carrier integration, and the Warehouse Management mobile app without having to set up or maintain areas of Supply Chain Management that you don't need. It's like the 2nd story of the house while the first floor of the house is still your existing ERP that may or may not be D365SCM.

Overpicking material production orders:

Another awesome feature is overpicking material production orders.

If permitted, Manufacturers can now overpick when processing raw material picking materials for production orders on the AWM mobile application. You can also take advantage of over picking limits to manage risk/inventory what alerts a warehouse manager when they exceed the over-picking thresholds defined by the warehouse manager.

SCM Advanced Warehousing enhancements:

Automatic receipt posting feature: As part of the Warehouse Management mobile app receiving process, purchase order line transactions are moved into a Registered state usually.Until now, the process would pause here without updating the cost, so to advance the process to the next state, a user needed to manually assign a product receipt number and post the product receipt. With this new feature, the system can now update purchase order documents automatically after the inventory has been received in the warehouse aka warehouse work has been completed, removing the manual step.

Automatic rewaving: Similarly the automatic rewaving, until now for failed waived lines a user must handle each exception manually by adding the failed lines to a new wave and then processing them. This process is now eliminated and automated so that the failed lines are assigned to the same wave templates and then re-waved without human involvement.

Warehouse app validation web service:The warehouse app task validation web service is an addition to the warehouse app task validation feature or framework – It provides the ability to automate testing of warehouse activities.Via new service added to warehouse app task validation framework and exposed as a web service, warehouse tasks can now be tested for multiple warehouse workers –essentially you can load, volume and performance test as well.

Connect Mixed Reality Guides to system of record:

This is actually a new feature for D365Guides, one of Microsoft MR application – but it also has ties to D365SCM or any other system of record for example now. You can now record inputs on mixed Reality guides via special step types - such as reportin machine status, error codes, problem reports, completed tasks, and knowledge assessments. Such are stored on DataVerse and can now be orchestrated via PowerAutomate and drive business processes in your ERP or trigger notifications or functions. It nice to see more and more of those Mixed Reality features connect with ERP business processes.

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