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Enforce Effectivity - From and to date for engineering versions

In the below, we run through a test scenario in a .24 box to showcase the enforce effectivity and from and to date functionalities for engineering versions in D365FO ECM.

Enforce effectivity field on engineering product category for overlapping versions

The below test product is set up as an engineering product and has the "Components" engineering product category assigned.

Let's take a look and check out the components engineering product category details. We disable the enforce effectivity flag as we want to use the from and to date fields for multiple versions and lastly allow overlapping engineering versions. Let's think about the scenario when you retire an old version slowly over time while a new product version is already used for your new production operations with a new client.

We check the active engineering versions for the above product. So far, only one version is active.

We create an engineering change order for the above with impact new version in the DEMF (engineering LE). This increments the version number automatically.

We approve and process the ECO.

As a next step, we release the product structure to USMF (receiving LE) from the engineering LE DEMF.

This worked fine - See below.

Now, we accept the design change at open product release page in USMF. We could set this also to automatic in the release acceptance policy field. Bur for now, we want to have a safety pool prior the adjusted product design gets final released to USMF and can be leveraged to transact with.

This worked fine - See below.

Now, we check out engineering versions on the released product form and under engineer/engineering product version now. Only V1 is active, we want to activate v3 now additionally.

After doing so, both versions are active now.

Let’s try a simple inventory adjustment journal with both versions above to see if we can transact with both of them at the same time.

We post and see it worked fine.

At engineering version level, we can even set a from and to date when this version is to be retired and blocked for transactions.

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