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Sales orders And Its Status

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A sales order is a working/source document that represents an agreement with a customer to sell goods and/or services. The sales order helps keep track of issues that are made toward the order and, at a later point in time, the accounting of customer invoices as well as customer payments.

At time of creation an automatic sales order number will be assigned following an incremented number sequence. For sales order creation, a customer account is required to be specified. The customer master data set on the customer record defaults in on the sales order. Additionally, an item record needs to be added to the sales order lines for further processing.

Throughout the life of a sales order, the sales order goes through multiple status:

  • Open Order: An open sales order is a working document that is newly created. When the sales order entry is finalized, the sales order will go through a confirmation process. The result of running the confirmation job is a sales order confirmation print out that can be sent to the customer and acts as official agreement of the order.

  • Delivered: When the sales order shipment is completed, the post packing slip job will be processed. Posting the packing slip decrements the inventory quantity in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations. Note that a sales order first switched status to Delivered when fully received. That means, when a sales order is only partially shipped and there is an outstanding quantity, the sales order stays in the Open Order status.

  • Invoiced: When a sales order is fully delivered and ready to be financially processed, the generate invoice job is processed. The generate invoice job posts financial invoice transactions in Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations that will be later paid/offset when executing the customer payment. Note that a sales order first switched status to Invoiced when fully invoiced. That means, when a sales order is only partially invoiced, the sales order stays in the delivered status.

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