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Advantages of Microsoft's Mixed Reality Business Applications in a nutshell

Mixed Reality has so many use cases in so many industries from Healthcare over Manufacturing (Production process guides) and Asset management (Remote Inspections) to Training industry agnostic (Self-paced Training).

Here, you can see a few but not all business value impacts that Hololens and Dynamics 365 Guides can have on your business operations - especially around the Asset management - Inspection list business scenario that Microsoft supports out of the box with D365SCM Asset Management, DualWrite and D365 Guides.

1.You can mitigate risk

•By implementing safety measures and modelling processes via guides, you can enforce that all required steps are executed in alignment with security standards and in compliance with unified workflows.

•For example, a step to wear a helmet or to ensure the machine is turned off.

2.Another business value could be quality assurance

•You can ensure that maintenance and possible repair work orders are processed/executed in compliance with best practices and in alignment with corporate policies from a quality standpoint – short, minimize errors.

•A guide assists a user through a process step by step.

•That way, you can streamline your business processes, making them more efficient and error-free.

• For example, a user can be guided through an asset inspection step by step in alignment with my firm’s quality standards and it is harder to actually make an error with the detailed steps provided.

3.Training is another aspect

•Sharing knowledge and enhancing capabilities of your workforce drives sustainable success and is important to stay competitive in the market place.

• Via guides, employees can easily be onboarded and trained on a process or operation.

•It provide them all the necessary information easily.

•The nature of interactive guides helps that an employee can undertake a business process or training on their own.

•It doesn’t require any trainer per se.

•It saves time and helps you avoid scheduling troubles.

•Moreover, you can also customize the training guides as per the specific needs of a trainee/training.

•That way, Dynamics 365 Guides is a perfect way for employees to stay updated on changes to the company or their roles.

•For example, I can get trained today on a asset maintenance repair scenario that I have never executed before - without a trainer (FTE).

•Via Guides, it is easily to comprehend and follow and lastly it helps me gaining a new skill.

4.Another point is productivity

•Guides can level up your employees’ productivity, instead of requesting information such as do we have spare parts onhand, does this machine still have warranty, what is the next step to execute in a repair process, a technican can have this information handy via Guides and PowerApps action while being handsfree and working on the asset itself with 2 hands.

•The handsfree aspect is a big point - We usually use both hands to work efficiently.

•And when it comes to technicians, with their one hand occupied handling a manual, it becomes difficult to perform a task well.

•For example, I had both hands free while performing the steps of the guides and inquiring about information such is there enough onhand for my spare parts, etc.

5.Lastly, Management/Collaboration could also be a big factor

•Since data of processed guides and maintenance checklists are stored in DataVerse and/or FO, you can easily report on KPIs and metrics via PowerBI.

•Asset Managers could that way easily overlook an overview KPI dashboard and react if needed.

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